Kassam rockets at the Sderot Police Department

Gaza Border

Courage and Determination
along Israel's Gaza Border

This website is dedicated to those individuals who live in the Sderot, Israel, area, and are within range of the thousands of rockets fired from Gaza in the past several years.

This website was created in 2008 and taken offline in 2018.
Because of the recent Hamas atrocities I am putting this back online for historical purposes.
Israelis have suffered attacks from Hamas for many years.

Sderot, Israel - Photo pages
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Sapir Academic College

Sapir College grounds
I spent several hours on February 25, 2008, walking around the campus of Sapir Academic College in Sderot,
and was impressed with how calm and peaceful the campus is in spite of the rocket
attacks. Several students, when asked if they were afraid, replied "Of course not."
Tragically, two days later a rocket landed in a parking lot of Sapir and a student was killed,
the first student to die in seven years of bombardment from Gaza.

Sapir has many sculptures around the campus.
I found this one to be a unique use of a white wall.
An indoor gallery features student work.

students and sculpture
Artwork is found throughout the campus.

Sapir students
The Sapir environment seems to be a normal college campus, and the visitor has to remember that rockets fall nearby almost daily.

Sapir students
This is the entrance to one of the academic buildings at Sapir.
students in the library
Students in the library.

students studying outside
Students outside.

More artwork, this portraying a
Negev desert scene.

There are several major construction projects underway at Sapir.
This will be a new library.