Kassam rockets at the Sderot Police Department

Gaza Border

Courage and Determination
along Israel's Gaza Border

This website is dedicated to those individuals who live in the Sderot, Israel, area, and are within range of the thousands of rockets fired from Gaza in the past several years.

This website was created in 2008 and taken offline in 2018.
Because of the recent Hamas atrocities I am putting this back online for historical purposes.
Israelis have suffered attacks from Hamas for many years.

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Sderot Street Scenes

bomb shelter, Sderot
This is a typical bomb shelter found all over Sderot. There only 15 seconds from the "Color Red" warning
until the rocket strikes. Some people cannot run very far in 15 seconds.

Shoppers in Sdedrot
Shoppers at a supermarket in Sderot. Being inside is the safest place to be except for a bomb shelter.
The thirteen deaths at this time have all been people, including many children, who were caught outside and away from a shelter.
One of my many impressions of Sderot was the normality with which people go about their daily activities.

Scenes like this contradict the current image of Sderot as a place of fear.
But if the "Color Red" alarm was sounded, my bet is that all of these young people would make it to
the shelter that is behind them.

cutting greens
But I fear this woman, out cutting greens in a public park, would need
more than 15 seconds to make it to the shelter seen far to her left.

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