Kassam rockets at the Sderot Police Department

Gaza Border

Courage and Determination
along Israel's Gaza Border

This website is dedicated to those individuals who live in the Sderot, Israel, area, and are within range of the thousands of rockets fired from Gaza in the past several years.

This website was created in 2008 and taken offline in 2018.
Because of the recent Hamas atrocities I am putting this back online for historical purposes.
Israelis have suffered attacks from Hamas for many years.

Sderot, Israel - Photo pages and commentary
Page five

Street Scenes

This was a promotion for a clothing store, with music playing so loudly that no alarms could have been heard
had a rocket been launched. This again contradicted the reports I have read that Sderot is a city of silence,
with no radios playing and no noisy activities. Events like this reinforce my belief that Sderot has been misrepresented
in media reports, with a consistent attempt to make the city seem desperate and depressed.

A group of gentlemen have stopped over in Sderot for a meal...

and this is how they got to town.

buying bread for Shabbat
Buying bread for Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath.