Kassam rockets at the Sderot Police Department

Gaza Border

Courage and Determination
along Israel's Gaza Border

This website is dedicated to those individuals who live in the Sderot, Israel, area, and are within range of the thousands of rockets fired from Gaza in the past several years.

This website was created in 2008 and taken offline in 2018.
Because of the recent Hamas atrocities I am putting this back online for historical purposes.
Israelis have suffered attacks from Hamas for many years.

Kibbutz Nir-Am, Israel
In the line of fire

rocket strike on Kibbutz Nir-Am
Amit and school children
February 18 2008: Several kassams fell on or near to Sderot's neighbor Kibbutz Nir-Am and exploded.
This rocket buried itself into soft soil before blowing up. Amit (photo at right) stands with some of the children in her child care
center, which the rocket missed by about a hundred feet. She can be seen at left the distance running into her home.
A rocket had exploded sixty feet from her house. Nir-Am is between Beit Hanun and Sderot.

rocket strike in playground
February 27 2008: The rocket which landed here and exploded blew out the windows of a nearby store,
and blew shrapnel over the area including a child care center fifty feet away. .
The ground is harder now than it was when the last rocket fell, and damage to the surrounding area was more extensive.
Two out of the last three rockets to land on the kibbutz have barely missed a kindergarten and a child care center.

Click on the link below for more details of this day.
February 27, 2008: "A black day."

kassam strike March 2 2008
kassam extraction March 2 2008
March 2 2008: another kassam falls onto Kibbutz Nir-Am and explodes.
In what has become a routine, people gather, photographers take pictures, the police and army run everyone away,
the bomb squad pulls the kassam out of the ground, and within a few days the hole in the ground is filled in and seeded

Google Earth satellite image of the Kibbutz Nir-Am area

Google Earth image of Nir-Am
Kibbutz Nir-Am lies between Beit Hanun, the primary source of the rocket fire, and Sderot.
It is common for rockets aimed at Sderot to fall onto the kibbutz.

Kibbutz Nir-Am