Kassam rockets at the Sderot Police Department

Gaza Border

Courage and Determination
along Israel's Gaza Border

This website is dedicated to those individuals who live in the Sderot, Israel, area, and are within range of the thousands of rockets fired from Gaza in the past several years.

Sderot, Israel
Walking around the city, March 3, 2008



These photos were all taken within a three-hour period during several "color red" alarms.

This is the typical image of Sderot: a population running in fear, or hiding.

But the photos below were taken immediately after the alarms, and indicate how quickly people return to what passes for normal here.


Grocery shopping still goes on.

outdoor market
The outdoor market is still open,.

outdoor market
There is still bargaining to be done. One of the most incredible things I've seen in my short time here is the ability of
Sderot townspeople to carry on with their lives. Although the stresses are great and the mental casualties numerous,
most go about their daily business and continue to live here .

outdoor market
When the alarm sounds, most people step quickly away from
their shops to a safer place. There is no quick access to a shelter
in the outdoor market, and many of the vendors are elderly.

waiting for a call
A sobering reminder of the reality here in Sderot is the staging area
for ambulance drivers and medical crew, all waiting by their vehicles
for the next call, which unfortunately will probably be in a short time.